This Is What It's Like To Ride The World's Most Terrifying Roller Coaster

Attention all thrill seekers out there! This article is for you.

If you are always looking for thrills and love an adrenaline rush, we’ve found you the most terrifying ride in the world.

To take a spin on this ride, jump on a plane to the United States. Once on American soil, you’ll need to head to Sandusky in Ohio and once there, head to Cedar Point theme park. Located on a peninsular of Lake Erie, it has been voted ‘the best theme park in the world’ by ‘Amusement Today’ fourteen years running. In fact, it is the first park to have almost 70 rides, among which are some of the most impressive roller coasters in the world.

Although this place is full of rides that would appeal to any thrill seeker, one of them takes the cake. Known as ‘Valravn’, it is the most impressive roller coaster in the world. It beats all records: 68 metres high, 1 km of track, a vertiginous 65-metre drop and a top speed of 120 km/h.

To experience this attraction, participants will need to sit in one of the three eight-seater rows. Once strapped in, the ride is launched into several consecutive loops, leaving the bravest upside down for seconds at a time. So, ready to give it a try?

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