The Latest Theme Park In Europe Looks Absolutely Terrifying

The Latest Theme Park In Europe Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Good news, Halloween fans! A new amusement park is opening to celebrate the 31st of October in horror.

In Catalonia, just over an hour outside of Barcelona, Horrorland is sure to give you more than a few shivers. It will be open between the 11th of October and the 17th of November, from 6.30pm to half past midnight, and, well... it could actually be haunted...

With escape rooms, haunted houses and performances, there’s something for everyone.

It’s a pop-up park, but it will be set up in a place worthy of the most frightening films – the abandoned thermal power station between Cercs and Berga. Prepare for the worst, because these escape games are made for professionals. They include the Jigsaw Escape Room, Ouija Escape Room and more...

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The tickets are on sale for 35 euros. At the end, there's an extreme haunted house. You can only enter it alone and have to allow physical contact by signing a consent form. Would you be brave enough?

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