Disney Drops Thrilling New Trailer Confirming The New Star Wars Theme Park Is Almost Ready

After Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise back in 2012, they now confirm the soon-to-ready, brand new theme park, Star Wars Land. And it definitely looks out of this world...

If you weren't too happy about Disney taking the reigns over everyone's favourite sci-fi classic, Star Wars, this may definitely change your mind - or at least help you warm up to the idea. Indeed, the mass media giant has out-done itself, dropping a brand new trailer with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as well as snippets of the brand new theme park to add to their spectacular collection.

Titled Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, the new theme park experience is set to take off with a bang, now being almost ready for full operation. The gob-smacking footage even shows viewers a sneak-peak of two of the park's brand new rides - Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (OG fans, do you hate Disney less now?). These two crazy new innovations are set for their grand opening at Disneyland California this summer!

The craftsmen behind this wonder themselves describe the park to be 'the most epic attraction [they've] ever built'. No kidding - the trailer alone gives us just a little hint of what's in store for visitors, surely proving the megapark to be one of the biggest and most theme park experiences Disney has on offer yet.

Speaking to Thrillist, vice president at Lucasfilm Story Group, Carrie Beck expressed her excitement: "It will be jaw-dropping and incredibly emotional to walk into the land for the first time," she remarked. "To actually be standing there amongst the buildings and amongst the ships, and have this feeling that it is all real, that it has been brought to life, and it's right there in front of you, it's overwhelming."

If you're looking for a thrilling new adventure whilst revisiting fond childhood memories of wishing you were a Jedi knight, this place will definitely quench that thirst. Get ready to scrape up your pennies because it won't be long before the gates open to this cinematic new wonderland, set to open in Disneyland California this summer before expanding to Disneyland Florida in Orlando later in autumn 2019.

Check out the trailer for yourself...

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