£3.5 Billion "UK Disneyland" Near London Is Under Development

In just a few years, the UK will finally have its answer to Disneyland open its doors. Looks like we’ll no longer need to head to Paris for our fix.

A massive, £3.5 billion resort is currently being planned to open up in the UK in just a few short years. Referred to as ‘UK Disneyland’, this theme park is set to be unlike any one that currently exists on English soil.

Originally planned as a park themed after films by Paramount, the studio behind blockbusters like Transformers and Mission Impossible, the upcoming park will instead be branded as The London Resort after the deal with the Hollywood studio fell through.

A short 17 minute train ride away from St Pancras station, the sprawling resort will be home to a massive movie theatre, attractions, nightclubs, and a 3,500 capacity hotel. So you’ll be able spend the full day trying to ride the 50 attractions the park will offer and then pass the night out at the club. What more could you ask for?

Tickets are currently estimated to cost about £57 for one-day entry. If all goes according to plan, doors will open on the resort in 2023.

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