‘Enough Is Enough:’ The Rock Has Angered His Fans With His Latest Instagram Post

Dwayne Johnson probably did not think that his family getaway at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta would provoke this type of reaction…

Just this once, Dwayne Johnson has provoked a lively controversy on social media. The 46-year-old actor, adored by his fans and loved by his co-stars, has drawn the wrath of some internet users after a series of posts on Instagram.

The issue? His family getaway to Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium, where The Rock took some photos and videos with belugas, seals and other whale sharks. The photos caused quite a stir, with users accusing him in the comments of supporting ‘the captivity of marine animals’, which they deem unacceptable.

‘Enough is enough’

‘It's 2018. Enough is enough; there is enough evidence showing that these animals should not be locked up,’ ‘It's sad when you say you're concerned about animals while this seal is in captivity,’ ‘Not cool The Rock, let the animals be free,’ implored his fans.

On the other hand, some did not hesitate to go to the defence of the star, pointing out that this aquarium is particularly attentive to the living conditions of their animals. More proof that The Rock can always count on his fans.

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