Roland Garros: Jared Donaldson Performs The Most Unthinkable Act Mid Match

In tennis, every Grand Slam tournament has a lot of funny and entertaining moments, from the eagle eyed camera men snapping funny images of the crowd, to funny interactions between the stars of the tennis world and the ball boys. This week at Roland Garros was no different; enter Jared Donaldson.

Playing in only his second tournament at Roland Garros, young American Jared Donaldson certainly made a name for himself this week. After successfully getting through the first round, his second round tie was against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. And her certainly didn’t fail to make the headlines.

Late on in the match, and with the game tied at 6-6, it was Jared Donaldson who had the serve. To the complete surprise of Dimitrov, the spectators and commentators alike, Donaldson performs an underhand serve catching his opponent of guard, as he returned it straight out of play.

Earlier in the game, the young tennis prodigy sparked more attention during a drinks break. Instead of the customary water or juice, the young American proceeded to crack open, what seemed like a small can of beer. And it’s safe to say it didn’t escape the attention of eagle eyed twitter users.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for him to secure the win and progress to the third round.

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