These Are The Best Trousers For Men With Monster Thighs

These Are The Best Trousers For Men With Monster Thighs

GQ’s Style Shrink recently highlighted which trousers are best suited for the guys who don’t skip arm day—aka men with super thick, toned, muscular thighs.

Rugby and football players (and some men in general) have noticeably huge thighs, making it tough to find the perfect trousers to hug their features in all of the right places.

But, thankfully, a rugby-playing mate of GQ’s Style Shrink asked him to detail which trousers to wear. And another Instagram follower posed a similar question: “Best winter trousers for men with thick thighs??”

The Style Shrink can relate! He claims that he has big calves from tennis, so he knows what’s up. So, what’s the answer? The Style Shrink gave a detailed response. Let’s take a look at what he said:

“The best thing to do in this instance, in my humble opinion, is to opt for a trouser with plenty of room at the top – a deep or double pleat should allow for this – and a taper (but not too defined a taper) at the calf to create a sense of balance.”

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He also notes that “anything too carrot-shaped will only accentuate the size of your thighs so, in my opinion, you’re best off going with something that stays relatively straight all the way down.” Want some examples? Take a look at our video.

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