Young people lose virginity later than their parents, surprising study reveals

Sex is becoming more and more normalised in certain societies, but a study has found that young people are developing a rather surprising relationship with the activity.

Social networks, advertisements, music videos, movies, easy access to pornography, the list of platforms exposing us to sex is very long. One might therefore have imagined that young people would have a more developed sense of sexuality, or that they would at least start becoming seuxally active at an earlier age than people in Generation Y.

Millennials less precocious than their parents

According to a study by University College London, the phenomenon is actually the opposite of what we might assume. Sixteen thousand millennials born in 1989 and 1990 were surveyed and the study reveals that 90% of them lost their virginity before the age of 19. However, for the later generations, it seems that their first sexual act comes much later.

One in eight is still a virgin at 26 because of fear of intimacy. Hyper-sexualisation scares young people and adds pressure to their sex lives. Social networking doesn't help: there is a fear of not measuring up, coupled with a fear of privacy being disclosed on social networks.

Love in the age of dating apps

A study by the dating site, Plenty of Fish, revealed that there are certain techniques that make online dating more effective. First and foremost, having a conversation is the most important thing. This is even more vital than physical attraction, as 74% of respondents said!

Also, bad grammar is worse than a bad experience in bed, according to 58% of respondents. So proof read your text messages! The power of a good conversation is not to be neglected, especially since 83% of respondents said they were more attracted to someone after a good conversation.

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