This Very Simple Tip Could Be The Key To Relieving All Your Aches And Pains

Even though they’re usually used to keep our drinks refreshingly cold, ice cubes could also have another beneficial use in our daily lives. Studies have shown that placing an ice cube in a very specific part of your body can help to relieve a number of aches and pains.

Known in Chinese medicine as the Feng Fu point, placing an ice cube in this very precise part of your body helps to stimulate it in a similar way to acupuncture. The Feng Fu point is the area located at the back of the neck, more specifically where the head and the neck meet. Stimulating this area can provide some staggering health benefits.

Keeping an ice cube in this precise area for at least 20 minutes using a scarf or bandage can have amazing benefits on your mental state, improve the quality of sleep, and fight headaches and joint pains as well as helping to treat thyroid pain.

Chinese medicine claims that the Feng Fu point can bring the human body back to its natural balance. Therefore external stimuli can influence the human body’s natural processes when the Feng Fu point is treated. The contrast between the freezing temperature of the ice cube and the body’s natural external temperature means that the body can revitalise and heal many health conditions.

Stimulating this area has also been noted to improve the life of people with more serious health problems such as arthritis, hypertension and low blood pressure. Those who have suffered from bronchial asthma, gastrointestinal problems or chronic fatigue can also expect to reap the rewards by using this method.

So, next time you’re making yourself an ice cold cocktail to kick off your Friday night, try to keep a couple of ice cubes in the tray for the hangover the day after.

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