This Alarming Trend Affects 8 Out Of 10 Drivers The Day Before A Long Trip

Are you going on holiday soon? It is very important to get a good night’s sleep before the big departure. A study has shown that drivers do not get enough rest the night before leaving.

A study by the MMA insurance company carried out by IFOP and relayed by the Le Parisien French news media shows that 81% of drivers sleep less before leaving.

79% of motorists get up earlier than usual on the day of departure and 23% go to bed later the day before, in order to finalise their itinerary or finish packing their bags.

Worrying figures, and for good reason, since this lack of sleep can lead to drowsiness while driving.

‘Drivers [...] wake up earlier to avoid traffic jams and heat. Knowing that the majority of holiday-makers will travel more than 300 miles by car, this lack of sleep, combined with the monotony of driving on the motorway, is a perfect cocktail to fall asleep,’ explains Cécile Léchère, who is in charge of road risk prevention at MMA.

Falling asleep while driving increases your chances of having an accident on the road by 8x. Several tips are then given: sleep well before your departure, rest after your workday before your holidays. And once on the road, don't hesitate to stop often.

Remember to take a break every two hours for your safety and that of those around you!

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