These Alcoholic Drinks Are Scientifically Proven To Ruin Your Mood

A recent study decided to investigate the relationship between personality and alcohol, as well as the impact it has on our mood. The results are somewhat concerning...

Published in the medical journal BMJ Open, the study reveals the reasons behind why certain alcohols put us in a foul mood. To obtain the results, researchers reached out to the public via the Internet.

A total of 30,000 participants between 18 and 34 responded to the questionnaire. 53% of which said that they drink red wine and beer when looking to relax. 59% admit they gain a newfound sense of confidence when drinking spirits, and 42% even said that it makes them feel sexier (ah the wonders of alcohol).

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It’s this newfound confidence that could bring on aggression and anger. So if you’re parting with your mates and you start to feel this effect start to come on, consider switching to beer. It may just help you keep a few friends.

60% of respondents also claim that red wine makes them fall asleep, but it’s not like we needed a study to know that.

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Stacey Williams
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