The Results of a 14-Year Experiment May Have Proven the Existence of a Parallel Universe

Since 2006, scientists have been carrying out an experiment in Antarctica. 14 years later, the results they've managed to amass are far beyond their expectations. The most interesting finding? The existence of strange particles which could prove the existence of a parallel universe.

No, this isn’t the plot to yet another science fiction film - this is real life. Scientists have recently discovered the possible existence of a parallel universe very similar to our own. Except it's upside down.

ANITA: an experiment led by NASA

Since 2006, NASA has been carrying out an experiment in Antarctica known as ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna). This experiment involved sending a balloon with 40 antennas attached to it up into the sky.

Its mission? To analyse a million square kilometres of sea ice in search of cosmic neutrinos, high energy particles from space. These particles were created by the Big Bang and have sparked lots of questions about how our world was created and the possible existence of a parallel universe.

Unfortunately, readings from the balloon’s first flight showed nothing. Ditto for 2007’s flight. In the following years, the instrument was perfected and researchers ended up making an incredible discovery.

A parallel world that mirrors our own

In 2016, physicist Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii and his team discovered a multitude of neutrinos. But instead of hitting the ice from the sky, these particles were actually springing up from the ground.

There has been no scientific explanation that has managed to explain this phenomenon so far. Except one: these neutrinos came from a parallel universe that was created at the same time as our own during the Big Bang. In this mirror world, everything is backwards, time goes backwards, left is right, up is down…

Since then, however, scientists haven’t managed to replicate these observations. But, as of 2022, new experiments will begin with even more sophisticated and advanced tools. Maybe then we will learn more about this possible parallel universe.

For more details, check out the video at the top of this article.

Astronomers may have discovered proof of a parallel universe Astronomers may have discovered proof of a parallel universe