The Netherlands has the shortest working weeks in the world

New data reveals that the Netherlands is the country with the shortest working weeks in the entire world.

In case you were looking to start fresh with a brand new job and perhaps even relocate then the Netherlands might just have what you are looking for! A new study reveals that dutch people work the least amount of hours per week in the entire world.

A recent infographic from Bamboo HR taken from statistics by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), confirms that dutch people have the world's shortest working weak with a relatively high employment rate.

Short weeks and great employment rate!

The data from OECD shows that women, on average, work about 25 hours per week while men work up to 34 hours per week. So the average person in the Netherlands is working about 29 hours per week which comes to about working only 4 days every week.

For comparison, in the UK, the average person there works around 37 hours per week and with Brexit, getting jobs has become a little more complicated. Iceland on the other hand, finds itself to be the country with highest employment rate at 86% but the downfall is that the average working week comes up to about 39 hours.

A tie for the country with the longest working weeks

On the other end of the spectrum, South Africa has an average working week of about 43 hours on average with the employment rate reaching a mere 43%. The two countries with the longest working weeks in the world go to Colombia and Turkey both at 48 hours per week.

Turkey, in particular has the largest difference between men and women working with the former gender having a 70% employment rate while the latter gender is only employed at 32.2%.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this study is that, on average, European countries have the shortest working weeks out of any other place in the world.

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