Study Shows Time Spent Relaxing Could Be Bad For Your Health

Prepare yourself for one of the more frightening discoveries that have come to light in recent years. Perhaps sit down with a loved one, even make a cup of tea, as this Australian study has proven something distressing.

According to an Australian study, relaxing too much could have an adverse effect on our life expectancy. Not very good news for those of us who appreciate those few extra hours in bed in the morning.

We all have those days right? Usually Sundays, we have a lie in, relax and frankly, just laze around. Apparently it's not such a good idea! Well, that's according to an Australian study that says that too much rest reduces life expectancy. 'They (the study) have highlighted the practices linked to poor aging: if you sleep more than nine hours a night in addition to doing less than 150 minutes of physical exercise a week, you increase the risk of sudden death by four' explains Dr Saldmann to French news channel, RTL.

Exercise your brain

The doctor goes on to say 'Whenever you are physically lazy, you will lose muscle... just like when you don't exercise your brain, your IQ suffers'. Physical exercise, as well as keeping your brain in good shape, is therefore essential for remaining healthy. So kiss goodbye to the post-sunrise snooze, get up of the couch, read a good book or go for a jog round the park!

Studying from home can worsen sleep disorders, study says Studying from home can worsen sleep disorders, study says