Study reveals wearing flashy branded clothing turns women off

A new study has revealed that wearing loudly printed logos on clothing leaves others to believe they are likelier to cheat on their partners.

It appears that showing off your riches will get you no where with the ladies! A new study has come out confirming that men who tend to wear big logo branded clothing are likelier to cheat on their partner.

The louder the clothes, the likelier to cheat

Researchers from the University of Michigan inquired into people's perception of flashy fashion and found that men who sport loud, in-your-face clothing tend to practice infidelity more frequently.

The results, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, explained that others, especially women, tend to perceive wearers of gaudy clothing as less attractive. The study's author, evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger said:

Rather than being a reliable and honest signal of future paternal investment, displays of luxury goods may sometimes represent investment in mate attraction, which is at the expense of future investment in offspring.

And added:

Luxury displays featuring exaggerated size, coloration, and sound may indicate relatively greater investment in mating effort. Large luxury product logos enhance social competitiveness and mate attraction, whereas small logos enhance perceptions of trustworthiness and reliability.

A no go for the ladies

The study first looked at how university students perceived two separate polos and their thoughts regarding the kinds of people who would wear them. One of the polos had a modest and small logo while the other was much larger in size.

Ultimately, researchers found that people believe that those who wear the polo with the larger logo 'rated higher on mating effort and lower on parental investment.' Respondents also answered that fans of loudly printed clothing were more interested in brief, sexual affairs rather than in long-term romantic commitments.

When specifically asking female respondents what they think of men who wear big flashy clothing, most of them answered being rather turned off and felt that these men would be likelier to cheat and knowingly flirt with someone else's partner.

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