Sex and Money: Is There a Connection Between How Much You Earn and How Often You Do It?

A study conducted by British scientists has recently shown that there is indeed a connection between how often a person engages in sexual intercourse and their income, which is just further proof of the impact that our sex lives have on our social well-being.

Scientists from Anglia Ruskin University have been looking at the connection between the primitive need for sex and our social standing. To be more specific, Dr. Nick Drydakis’ study, which was published in the Daily Mail, shows that there is, in fact, a connection between how often a person has sexual intercourse and their level of income.

A study involving homosexual and heterosexual couples

7,500 people, both heterosexual and homosexual and between the ages of 26 and 50 were asked to participate in this study. By asking them questions about their general health, sexual activity, professional situation and their salary, scientists discovered that people who have sex more than four times a week generally earn 5% more than those who have sex less frequently.

The study also shows that people who do not have a sexual relationship earn 3% less than those who have regular sex. Who would have thought it? We definitely didn’t!

The somewhat different vicious cycle

Of course, these numbers don’t mean that if you have more sex, you will automatically earn more money. However, Dr. Nick Drydakis’s study does show that our sexuality has quite a large influence on our state of mind, psychological well-being as well as our social lives.

In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and depression that could affect their working life.

Primal instinct

Sex is a basic human need and a primal instinct. Fulfilling this need automatically has a positive effect on our lives in a broader sense, which is exactly what Dr. Drydakis’s study shows:

He explained to the Daily Mail that he 'believes people have to meet their basic needs, such as eating, drinking, sleeping and having sex, before they will be able to have successes in other areas of their life.’

What’s that line from the Roman poet, Juvenal? ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ Our mental health and intellectual abilities are increased if we maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes sex. According to what Dr. Drydakis told CBSNews:

Sexual activity is a key aspect of personal health and social welfare that influences individuals across their life span.

Positive vicious cycle

As a result, having an active sex life is like a positive vicious cycle. If you have sex regularly, you will feel more comfortable in your skin and this sense of well-being will then also have an effect on other areas such as your work life, where it acts almost like an engine.

This well-being is in turn rewarded with a good salary and it is this personal success which gives us personal satisfaction and also increases our self-confidence at the same time as our desire for sex. A positive spiral that just keeps getting better!

While the study does not reveal whether sex or money is the determining factor, there is no doubt that a life without sex has a negative impact on a person’s well-being.

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