Guys, Here Is How To Increase Your Sex Appeal (According To Science)

Guys, Here Is How To Increase Your Sex Appeal (According To Science)

Lots of studies have been carried out to find out what really gives someone sex appeal and what could really help you land your soul mate quicker than you might think.

Recent studies seem to have identified clues as to where that irresistible charm comes from that people have never been able to explain before. Although having a symmetrical face or an hourglass figure might make some people look beautiful, sex appeal seems to be a lot more reliant on specific details that you look for in a person.

As it turns out, the women involved in this study seemed to be a lot more drawn to men with scars on their faces, but just for short term relationships. However, when they wanted these relationships to last longer, they seemed to look for men with beards, since, according to this other study, beards drive women crazy in the long run.


The recipe for sex appeal when on a date

The clothes you wear are critical for giving you sex appeal and getting a woman all excited when you’re on a first date. If you want to have better luck with women, wear something red. According to this study carried out in 2018, red makes you look more attractive.


Going to a restaurant on your date? A woman can also find you sexier depending on what you order. Researchers have discovered that a woman is more likely to find a man attractive if they eat foods that are more spicy than sweet.

A drink from the bar could also help you out in this department, but only one. In an experiment, people who had a glass of wine were considered sexier than those who didn’t drink alcohol at all or those who had several drinks.

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Obviously, these results are subjective. After all, sex appeal is all about projecting confidence and being comfortable with who you are!

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