Growing Old Along With Friends Is A New Trend That Is Changing Traditional Retirement Homes

Welcome to Denmark, considered one of the happiest countries in the world. It is well known that this widespread happiness stems in part from how their elderly are treated.

Schemataworkshop is the name of a housing program created in Denmark that values ​​the contacts the elderly established with their friends throughout their lives. This private complex allows each resident to maintain their privacy and thus have their own home, while enjoying common areas for recreation and other personal development activities.

If this initiative becomes more widespread, it could allow citizens to age without feeling the apprehension surrounding ending up in a retirement home as we know them today. The image of a TV on 24 hours a day surrounded by a circle of 30 people sitting in silence is a stereotype that does not exist in this new type of complex.

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This system was put in place thanks to the active members of society, and this type of cohabitation which has its own set of rules has already had extensive success in the United States, and in many other European countries.

Rob Mitchell
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