Frequent masturbators are more likely to be managers

A study shows that regular masturbators hold more positions of responsibility. They are also better paid and more likely to get promotions.

How much of a wanker are you? Depending on the answer, you may have some surprising advantages. According to an American study by Univia, people who masturbate regularly are more likely to hold positions of high responsibility and earn higher salaries.

35.9% hold positions of responsibility

In this study, the scientists interviewed a representative sample of 1012 people, of whom 35.9% of those who masturbated frequently (2 to 3 times a week or more, i.e. more than 50% of the sample) held a position of responsibility. While those who were not inclined to masturbate were only 25%.


A higher average salary

Furthermore, 85% of regular masturbators had full-time jobs, compared to only 75% of non-masturbators. As for pay, 22.6% of frequent masturbators reported having dared to ask for a raise in the past year, while less than 15% of those who do not practice this activity regularly apparently abstained from asking for a raise. The average annual salary is also higher among masturbators: $47,076 (£33,700) compared to $44,006 (£31,500) for non-masturbators.


In short, as you may have understood, masturbation purportedly correlates with success at work. Why is that? Simply because it might increase and/or strengthen one's self-confidence and reduce stress. A completely free remedy that you could well start now to make sure you get your promotion by the end of the year.

Masturbation has some other verified advantages. Find out more in the video above.

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