According To This Study, Using Emojis Increases Your Chances Of Getting Laid

Based on the findings of a group of American researchers, using emojis in your text conversations increases your chances of getting a second date... and getting laid.

Gentlemen, you can toss your nudes. Sending pictures of your private parts isn’t the best way to secure a hookup (in case you’re still wondering). Instead, you should try using as many emojis as possible in your text exchanges.

Emojis improve your sex life

According to a recent study conductedby the Kinsey Institute (Indiana University) and Lake Forest College in Chicago, using and abusing those little yellow heads in text conversations with your crush dramatically increases your chances of getting a second date... and having sex. How did they reach this conclusion? In the first part of the study, researchers interviewed 5,327 single volunteers aged between 18 and 94 years old.

Among them, 87% were heterosexual, 10% were homosexual and 3.5% were bisexual. The results: 38% of respondents never use emojis, 29% use them very rarely, 3% use at least one per text and 2.5% use more than one per text message. In the second part, the researchers asked 275 volunteers about their budding relationships: questions regarding their first date, conversations with their crush, how often they went on dates, the use of emojis in their text conversations...

They covered pretty much everything. And they reached the following conclusion: using emojis significantly increases your chances of getting a second date. In addition, it increases your likelihood of having sex with your crush.

Causality between emojis and intimacy remains difficult to prove

One of the researchers wrote:

This research provides evidence that emojis convey important effective information to potential partners, and are potentially associated with more successful intimate connection.

However, these results should be taken with a grain of salt because, although there may be a clear link between emoji use and the likelihood of being intimate with a new partner, researchers have yet to prove causality between the two.

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