A Family Ate Only Organic Food For 2 Weeks. Here Are The Results.

A Family Ate Only Organic Food For 2 Weeks. Here Are The Results.

After discovering that their bodies were filled with pesticides because of the food they ate every day, the members of this family decided to eat only organic products for two weeks. And the changes were not long in coming.

While we know that many pesticides are used to produce most of the food we eat every day, the price of organic food sometimes discourages us from buying it regularly.

This was precisely the case with this Swedish family who agreed to participate in a small experiment. Indeed, while scientists are aware of the effects of pesticides on food, their effects on the human body are still largely unknown.

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By testing urine samples provided by the five family members, they discovered that pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals used in the production of fruits and vegetables, for example, were present, and in very large numbers, in everyone's bodies. The family, therefore, began to eat only organic products for two weeks and, at the end of the experiment, their urine was tested again.

And then, surprise: the level of chemicals had fallen or even disappeared completely. These results have opened the eyes of these parents who are obviously concerned about their children's health, they will try to change their diet in order to avoid consuming chemically treated products.

James Guttridge
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