1 in 3 men don't admit to removing hair from this part of their body

Women are not the only ones who remove their body hair. According to a study by Gillette, men also have trouble with their body hair. However, there is a part of their body that they won’t admit to touching…

Body hair is not very popular, neither for women nor men. A study carried out by Gillette in July 2020 among 2000 people showed that 76% of people aged between 25 and 34 are bothered by unwanted body hair, and want to get rid of it. The survey explained that men are not very comfortable with their body hair, but they have their limits when it comes to admitting to hair removal.

Men are ashamed about removing hair from this part of their body

According to this study, men do not admit to removing hair from... their buttocks. In fact, nearly 29% of them do not tell their partners about this little practice. 25% of men also secretly shave their legs while 20% of them are ashamed to shave their pubis.

We noticed that women do not have these same concerns. For 44% of them, it is more difficult for them to tell their partner that they wax their back, 33% do not admit that they remove hair from their face, and 27% will not admit to removing hair from their torso.

Men's other hair removal habits

Men are very fussy when it comes to beard care. 47% of men are embarrassed if their beard is not perfectly maintained and 50% of respondents prefer when they are shaved close. The face is not the only area that needs to be well cared for: 1 out of 4 men shave their armpits as well as the pubic area.

Fortunately, this embarrassment related to hair lessens over the years: only 36% of people over the age of 65 express discomfort with their body hair. We can't say it enough: the most important thing is to feel good about your body!

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