Woman fakes COVID positive test result to escape ‘worst date’

The woman tweaked a positive result sent to her by a friend to get out of the ‘boring’ first date.

First dates can be nerve-racking for many, but when it’s with someone boring, time tends to stand still. A young woman could not feign interest in her date, so she faked a positive Covid test result to get out of it.

Worst Date Ever

Londoner, Kali Thompson, shared her ordeal on TikTok of how she escaped the ‘worst date’ of her life. She had met her date at a restaurant, but halfway through the meal, she realized they were not a match and did not want to waste any more of her time.

She excused herself to use the bathroom and called a friend, who sent her a fake positive Covid test result via text message. Kali then tweaked the messaging a bit to make it look like it was sent by the NHS.

I went to the toilet and got my friend to send me a fake Covid positive test, like text. I changed my friend's name to the NHS and I went downstairs and tell him 'look, you're not gonna believe it, my test is positive.

Concerned, her date asked her what she was going to do about it, to which she replied she would have to go home and self-isolate for a number of days.

Moving On

But home was the last place she went after ditching her date. Kali said in the video, which has since been viewed over 40, 000 times, that she went to a nightclub with a friend and then met up with another man. She recalled:

I went to the club with my friend and slept with somebody anyway. I literally went to his, slept with him. I didn’t even fully sleep with him, I slept with him for like two minutes and was like this is boring, so I was like I need to go

Many viewers found the story to be hilarious, with one TikToker commenting:

I should’ve done this. Where was this video three days ago?
COVID: Woman self-isolates in aeroplane toilet after testing positive mid-flight COVID: Woman self-isolates in aeroplane toilet after testing positive mid-flight