Unvaccinated woman dies of COVID-19 without meeting her newborn child

The husband of a woman who died from COVID-19 before meeting her newborn baby has urged people to get the vaccine.

A mother of five died of coronavirus before meeting her newborn kid. Saiqa Parveen was hospitalised after becoming extremely ill from the virus eight months into her pregnancy. While the unvaccinated 37-year-old woman from Birmingham was on a ventilator, doctors delivered her baby girl, Dua Maryam.

After spending five weeks in intensive care, Saiqa died on November 1. Her spouse stated she was offered a vaccine but declined because she wanted to wait until her baby was born. In an effort to boost vaccine awareness, the family has posted photos of Mrs Parveen in the hospital as she battled COVID-19.

Vaccines are Important

Parveen was diagnosed with the virus on September 14 and admitted to Heartlands Hospital with breathing problems on September 16. She was in and out of hospitals until being admitted to Good Hope on September 25. She signed agreements there authorising physicians to deliver her baby if her situation deteriorated.

Since she was unvaccinated, doctors at Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield decided to put her on a ventilator and delivered her baby. Her Husband Mr Ghafur, 40, told Sky News,

She didn't even know if she'd had a baby girl or a boy. It's very sad, very sad.
I'm going to pass this message to the whole world, I just beg all people to get the vaccine, otherwise, it's very hard for them. It's a very deadly disease, you know. She planned so many things. And this disease didn't give her a chance.

Left Behind

Dua Maryam was born in good health, but her mother was unable to care for her. Majid Ghafur, her distraught husband, is now caring for their five daughters, Noor, 13, Imaan, 11, Hibbah, 8, Ayesha, 7, and baby Dua Maryam, at their house in Birmingham. The entire family is shaken by the incident and find it hard to believe that something like this has happened. Mr Ghafur added on this and said,

It was just shocking. She didn't have a chance to talk to me, five minutes even, to tell me about the daughters, you know, what to do.
She couldn't even talk. She couldn't breathe properly, she couldn't talk. This has changed my life completely. Since this happened, I'm thinking how do I cope with this?
Unvaccinated woman, 29, who ‘wasn’t afraid of Covid’, dies of virus Unvaccinated woman, 29, who ‘wasn’t afraid of Covid’, dies of virus