Uber Eats: Driver delivers ‘half-eaten order’ on multiple occasion to furious woman

A woman shared her experiences on Facebook, claiming that her food had been tampered with multiple times by the same Uber Eats driver.

A mum in Edinburg has been enraged after several of her Uber Eats orders arrived opened with visible finger marks smeared over the contents. The angry customer also claims the driver who often picks up her orders would leave them down the stairs of her flat.

Horrible Service

Tiffany Thomas took to Facebook to lament the poor service she’s been receiving from the delivery driver. Tiffany, 17 and mum to a seven-month baby, said:

Not one to usually do this but be careful when you're ordering Uber Eats as this man opened my food twice before and now picked up my order and refused to take it up the stairs of the flat, meaning I need to leave my seven-month-old baby alone.

This is not the only bone she had to pick with the Uber Eats worker. She added that some of her orders had arrived visibly tampered with.

There were finger holes in my Starbucks drinks and three finger marks smudged up the side of the lid. I showed Uber Eats and they redelivered the food but the exact same thing happened.

Uber Investigates

She went on to say that on a particular occasion, the driver had taken a bite of her food and yelled at her to come downstairs for the order.

When she let him know she couldn’t leave her baby unattended, he simply left it across the street and left. She said:

He stands at the bottom of the flat and shouts at me to come down and when I tell him no because I have my daughter in the flat, he just delivers it across the road and drives off, he's done it twice now.

According to Tiffany, it’s only when this driver picks up her order that these incidents occur. Otherwise, she’s never had an issue with the company in the past.

Uber Eats is investigating the claims, with a spokesperson saying:

Food hygiene is extremely important, and all couriers working with Uber Eats are expected to follow strict community guidelines on delivering orders safely. We are currently investigating this report. Couriers found to have breached our guidelines may be removed from the Uber Eats platform.
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