Two gamers discover €100,000 worth of video games in an abandoned house

$100,000 worth of video games were found in an abandoned house by two gamers.

Two gamers found some video games in an abandoned house. So far, the story is already unusual. But the value of the treasure, hidden for more than twenty years, reaches the incredible sum of $100,000.

Almost €100,000 worth of video games

YouTubers Aimee and Korbin, the duo behind the Cheap Finds Gold Mines channel that specialises in hunting for rare games, were informed by an Internet user of the existence of an old house left to rot. So, naturally, they ventured into the old building, among cockroaches, cobwebs and mould, hoping to find some sweet digs. And they weren't disappointed!

Aimee and Korbin unearthed tons of PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Nintendo GameCube games, as well as piles of Game Informer magazines. There were also The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, cult classics like Drakengard for PS2, and a limited edition Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller. The YouTubers told the website Kotaku that the total value of the newly unearthed game collection was around $100,000.

Aimee says the former owner went through trauma after losing a loved one, and ended up collecting everything of value to his heart, including video games.

According to Kotaku, the house was owned by Stephanie's uncle until 2019. She told the magazine:

We've been clearing out my uncle's house for a few days.
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