This teacher was absent for 800 days in 3 years because of his secret side hustle

One teacher seems particularly clever at fooling his colleagues. How is it possible that the man almost never showed up at work for three years? Let’s find out…

Smart or unbelievably selfish? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. But this man from Italy managed to trick his entire school into believing that he was sick for 800 days of his 3-year teaching career at the Istituto Tecnico in Pordenone, Italy. According to Ladbible, the man regularly played hooky.

Three years of playing hooky

To break it down a little, three years has a total of 1,095 days—deduct your weekends and public holidays and you'll be left with a much much smaller number. So, can you believe that this teacher took exactly 769 days paid leave?

That obviously didn’t leave him with much teaching time. What were his excuses? Well, he either took time off claiming he was sick or that he had to take care of his own kids. Turns out that he also had a doctor who issued certificates as proof…

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Enough is enough

Now three years is a long time to fool his colleagues and by the end of it, they had had enough. They decided to turn to the police for help after a visit with his doctor didn’t give them any clarity.

After the police started digging up on the man, their investigation revealed some rather surprising news. The man had been secretly working at another job on his sick days and was still collecting his teacher’s salary!

For years he worked as a consultant, travelling all over Italy, collecting bonuses for childcare and much more. This illegal activity came to light and he was sent to court to answer for 97,000 euros.

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