This Mum Is Issuing A Stark Warning To Parents After A Youtube Challenge Left Her Son In A Deadly Condition

The young man was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. His injuries were so unusual that they had to do some research before they could treat him: they had never seen anything like it.

11-year-old Tyler Broom has become one of the latest victims of one of his generation's biggest trends: Youtube challenges.

For those who don't know what it is (if there is anyone who hasn't heard about it already), the objective of a Youtube challenge is to recording oneself performing a questionable feat and then upload it to YouTube.

The goal: to act a fool and earn likes (that is, gain visibility, fame and, if you get it right, money).

In this case, the challenge was 'the merry-go-round'. It consists of climbing onto a roundabout in a children's playground and spinning it with the power of a motorcycle wheel. The challenge is to not split your head open, or get thrown off at full speed, or throw up the entire contents of your stomach... and walk away triumphantly.

As you can see, everything that could go wrong in this case went wrong. And Tyler almost didn't get the chance to tell the story. If you still have doubts, hit the play button on the video. Be warned, it's brutal.

Source: Facebook

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