This Man Is Trapped in His 14-Year-Old Body
This Man Is Trapped in His 14-Year-Old Body
This Man Is Trapped in His 14-Year-Old Body
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This man is trapped in his 14-year-old child body

By David STEIN

Tomislav Jurčec, a young Croatian, suffers from a very rare disease. At 24, he is trapped in the body of a 14-year-old.

Tomislav Jurčec's everyday life is quite unusual—he is trapped in the body of a 14-year-old child due to a rare disease. Because of his condition, simple things like buying clothes can easily become a problem.

Why does he look 10 years younger?

The young man explains that his life is full of problems because his pituitary gland is not functioning properly. This gland affects growth and ageing. He will spend the rest of his life looking ten years younger than he really is.

Difficult everyday life

All things that are forbidden for children cause him difficulties because he looks like a child. Buying alcohol or getting behind the wheel are among the many things that are almost impossible for Tomislav.

When we have a drink or something, people look at the waiter funny, as if to say, 'How can you give alcohol to a child'.

Looks are part of it

When he goes to buy cigarettes, he always gets into similar situations. But that doesn't bother Tomislav. He is used to the looks, they are part of his everyday life.

I find it very funny—I call it 'shock and disbelief' [...] I then raise my eyes, smile, show my ID card and then it's: 'Here are the cigarettes, thank you and goodbye!'

By accepting his uniqueness, a whole new set of doors opens for the young man. For example, he applied for a role on Game of Thrones and became the replacement for Tyrion Lannister. An amazing achievement.

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