They Washed Up On A Desert Island Then Something Incredible Happened

They Washed Up On A Desert Island Then Something Incredible Happened

These castaways have had incredible luck.

This story might sound like a movie...

Three men left for a boat ride and ended up stranded on a desert island in the Micronesian archipelago, in Oceania. They were on their way for a ride of only three hours, which finally turned into three days of trouble.

A huge archipelago to rake:

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The search was started as soon as their relatives noticed their disappearance. American and Japanese planes began to look all over the archipelago. It was very difficult for planes to spot the three Robinson Crusoes because the huge archipelago of Micronesia is made up of 607 islands.

Resourceful men:

Fortunately, the three friends had the good idea to report their position to help the research teams find them. It took three days for an American plane to locate them, and this only thanks to the HELP message they had written on the sand with plants found on the island.

Just like in the movies:

Thanks to their level-headedness and practical sense, they managed to get out of this situation that could have gone much worse and could have had dramatic consequences. Copying things from the movies can be useful sometimes. So try to remember some of it!

Oliver Davis
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