Teacher arrested for illegally jabbing underage student

A teacher from New York has been arrested for having administered a COVID vaccine to a 17-year-old student with no formal medical qualifications.

The woman in question, Laura Russo, who teaches biology at Herricks High School, jabbed a teenage boy who apparently had asked to get vaccinated.

Illegal at-home injection

The injection was performed in her home in Long Island, without the legal consent from the kid's parents, as he is under the legal age. Though she has since been arrested, police are unsure how she was able to obtain the alleged dose of the COVID vaccine. They also do not know what brand of the vaccine the boy was administered. As it stands currently in the US, only the Pfizer vaccine has been authorised to be given to minors.

A video showing the woman injecting the boy has also been discovered, in which you can hear her say:

Here you go. At-home vaccine. You'll be fine, I hope.

The woman was reprimanded after the boy revealed to his parents what had transpired. Nassau police were called immediately by the concerned parents and an investigation has been launched to find out how she was able to obtain the vaccine. The superintendent of Herricks High School said:

[Ms. Russo] is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.

What could happen if a jab is administered incorrectly?

Consequences of being administered a vaccine incorrectly could be dangerous. The injection must first be checked to see if it is not counterfeit or expired by a trained medical professional. A patient must also indicate whether they have allergies to any of the ingredients found in the injection, as this could potentially be deadly in the worst case scenario.

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