McDonald's: Woman bites into a nasty surprise while eating a wrap

Horrified, the woman has vowed never to eat at the fast food chain again.

A woman has sworn off eating at McDonald’s after finding a spider in the wrap she had ordered for lunch. The company has apologized and offered her a refund, but the woman said the incident has left a sour taste in her month.

Too Big To Ignore

Katie Moss, 21, ordered a chicken and bacon wrap, chips and burger from McDonald’s for lunch on January 19. Halfway through the meal, she bit into something that was suspiciously hard and was disgusted to find it was a spider. Katie recounted the moment she made the horrifying discovery:

At first I thought it was the end of a tomato so I pulled it out and at first I thought it was just part of the chicken but when I looked closer, I thought it was a crab then I realized it was a spider. I spat the rest out but I had bitten into it. I was disgusted, I felt like throwing up. It was all curled up.

According to Katie, the discovery of the hairy creature did not shock her as much as the sheer size of it.

I wouldn’t have minded if it was a small one but it was huge. It didn’t taste of anything at the time but afterwards there was an off taste in my mouth, which could have been my imagination. I would have preferred to have just not known it was in there and that I’d eaten it.

Proper Compensation

Katie, who hails from Winsford, Cheshire, says the incident has left her paranoid about eating out or ordering takeaways in general. She claims she felt like vomiting and could not eat anything else for the rest of the day.

After reporting the discovery to JustEat and McDonald’s, she was offered a refund of the cost of the meal, which was £11.40. She was also given a replacement voucher, but Katie said these actions are not satisfactory. She is therefore demanding a more befitting compensation.

They got back to me saying they couldn’t come to a conclusion on how the spider got into the wrap. I’m not going to eat there again, so a voucher isn’t much good to me. I want proper compensation.

McDonald’s suspects the creature may have been in a bag of lettuce and that they are investigating the complaint further.

A spokesperson said:

The customer has also returned the item in question which will enable us to investigate further. We understand the customer has been liaising with our Customer Services Team too, who are helping to find a resolution.
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