Man eats nothing but raw meat to see how long he can survive

The man in question has started his journey 76 days ago and now primarily lives off of uncooked eggs, sheep's milk and an array of different types of raw meat.

The strictly raw meat-eating man claims he decided to embark on this journey after a decade of subscribing to a vegan diet only, but finding that it did not work too well for his metabolism.

An unusual diet

To document his journey, he has created an Instagram page–rawmeatexperiment—which has now amassed over 50 thousand followers. In his posts, you can see him eating everything from cow kidneys, to raw chicken breasts and even chugging on half a dozen raw eggs to flush everything down.

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The man admitted to having gone through a few rather worrisome hiccups when transitioning from an only plant-based diet to now almost entirely eating raw meat. The purpose of this experiment? He would like to see how far he can take it and the health benefits he will gain from it. In his latest post on Instagram, the man explained:

Day 76—a brick of shredded cow and milk of the sheep. Ground beef has become my favorite meal. Due to the low cost, ease of consuming a pound in like 4 minutes, gathering 800 calories of absorbable cow and digesting perfectly.
If I went to chipotle, a burrito maybe 1000 calories but the meat is cooked til there is no nutrition left, and 90% of it is plants that you can’t really digest. I’d be paying $13 for a day of shidding and farding which is fun but not as efficient. It’s clearly the wrong fuel for humans even tho burritos and hot sauce are my favorite foods.

Are there any health risks?

It is not generally recommended to eat raw meat as it could contain life-threatening bacteria that could cause serious harm to the human body. NSW Health discourages the consumption of raw meat by saying that:

Raw meat may contain harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli that can cause food poisoning. The health body adds that 'these bacteria are destroyed when meat is correctly cooked.
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