Man buys 1-euro house in Italy, advises everyone to take the plunge

A house for just one euro? In some Italian communities, it's possible. Find out how, and what plans Londoner Danny McCubbin has for his one-euro house

Who doesn't dream of a house in a sun-drenched country? For Danny McCubbin from London, this dream has come true. He bought a house in Mussomeli, Sicily—and for just one euro!

Foreigners to revitalise Italian cities

In Italy, these incredibly generous offers primarily serve to revitalise small towns and villages. This is because locals often lack the money to buy and renovate the empty, dilapidated houses. Thus, many properties are on the verge of falling into ruin.

For emigrants and italophiles, on the other hand, such offers offer real adventure and a real opportunity. The only condition: the houses are to be renovated and repaired within the three years following purchase.

McCubbin told LADbible that he had been volunteering for an Italian community for ten years and it had always been his dream to move to the country one day. When friends send him articles about the 'one-euro house,' he was immediately interested.

Brexit pushed McCubbin to embrace Italy for good

In spring 2019, after three visits to Mussomeli and 25 house viewings, McCubbin will finally own a home in Sicily. Originally, he only wanted to use the house as a second home. But when Brexit started looming over Great Britain, the Australian-born McCubbin decides to emigrate to Italy altogether.

I don't know anyone in this city and my Italian isn't great, so leaving friends in London was a big risk, but I knew in my heart that this was the right move for me.

McCubbin does not want to keep the house

Danny McCubbin is still busy renovating his property. As soon as he is finished, he wants to use the house for his 'Community Kitchen' project and set up a community kitchen where he wants to help people in need and create a place for young chefs. The Australian already launched similar projects in London.

I am starting a food rescue programme here in town and will cook with these products for families affected by the pandemic. There is a lot of poverty here and many people are unemployed.

Once he has got the business up and running, McCubbin wants to sell his house again and give it back to the community. He can only advise people who are also thinking about buying a one-euro house to do so post-haste.

It's really not too good to be true. Be prepared to take on the hard work.
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