Incredible Moment A 13-Year-Old Saves 50 Of His Classmates From A Deadly Hostage Situation

A tragedy was avoided in Italy, thanks to the courage of a young schoolboy who prevented a hostage situation from taking a dramatic turn.

Ramy Shehata, a schoolboy prevented a huge tragedy last year near Milan, Italy. A bus driver threatened to kill his 51 passengers–all school children–by setting his vehicle on fire. His dark plan was foiled by a brave 13-year-old boy.

The bus driver tied the hands of each of the young passengers. He also confiscated their cell phones. Then 'he emptied a can of gas in the bus,' said the young hero. 'One of my friends' phones then fell to the ground and I managed to untie myself to get it back,' said the boy on camera.

A last-minute exit

Having freed himself, the schoolboy reached for the cell phone that had fallen on the ground and managed to call his father. He spoke to his father in Arabic, explaining to him that his bus driver had taken him and his classmates hostage. His dad called the police, who intervened before tragedy could strike. They quickly got the children out bybreaking the windows of the bus, before the driver could set the vehicle on fire. No child was hurt.

The bus driver was arrested on charges of 'hostage, massacre and arson' with the aggravating circumstance of terrorism. Shehata was deemed a hero and granted Italian citizenship thanks to his act of bravery. Shehata was born in Italy four years after his father had immigrated from Egypt but did not have Italian citizenship.

You can see the shocking footage in the video above.

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