Husband received sexy pics from his wife and asked for a divorce

This woman sent intimate photos to her husband. But her eagle-eyed lover spotted something in the background, something that made him very unhappy...

After receiving an intimate photo from his wife, this man decided enough was enoughand told his wife he wanted a divorce. Yes, you did just read that right.

Saved by the snap

Whilst many men would be delighted to receive such pictures from their partner, he noticed something hidden in the background of the photo that wasn't quite right...

This sharp-eyed man noticed a pair of shoes in the background that seemed a bit too big and dull coloured to belong to his glamorous wife. In response to the snap, the man, evidently vexed by what he just saw, immediately messaged his wife demanding an explanation.

An abrupt ending

After a brief exchange of denial messages, the guy sends his final text ending things with, ‘I’m calling a lawyer.’

This isn't the first time ill-angled pictures caused embarassment online, as there are innumerable examples of people forgetting a dildo on a shelf, naked partner framed in inconvenient mirrors, and other such mirthful mishaps. But this particular case proves it can end with a much worse outcome than 15 minutes of embarassment and frantic deleting. So next time your other half sends you a photo like this, be sure to check out what’s in the background… just in case.

Check out the video above to see the incriminating snaps for yourself...

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