He Was Told His Father Went Missing, Years Later He Makes An Alarming Discovery Below His Basement

Michael was just 8 months old when his father vanished. 57 years later, Michael decided to excavate in his basement and didn't quite bargain for the discovery he was about to make...

Fifty-seven-year-old Michael Carroll has lived in his family home for over 60 years in Long Island, New York. Michael's father, George Carroll, went missing back in 1961 - just six years after his family bought the house. For years Michael was told that he 'went out to do something', but his disappearance has always remained a mystery as he vanished without a trace.

Throughout Michael's adult years, he and his three siblings were haunted by his father's disappearance. Michael consulted a psychic who felt a presence in his basement, confirming 'the energy is here' as he speculated upon his readings - but Michael was left dubious. Several rumours, consultations, psychics, paranormal experts later, Michael decided enough was enough and began excavating the basement alongside his two grown sons. After cracking into the floor of his basement became to dangerous, Michael was forced to stop but resumed once again over a period of three years. What was to follow ended up being the most significant yet disturbing puzzle to Michael's father's disappearance.

On Tuesday, October 30th of this year Michael came across a full human skeleton approximately six feet deep, whose DNA was so well preserved, it didn't take long to be identified. It was later confirmed that the remains belonged to Michael's father, George. Michael was relieved as he was taken back, "I have a messed-up basement. But I’m really glad we found what we found. It puts my family at ease,” Michael told Long Island's News 12. "In my mind, I always felt that I was going to find that," he admitted.

Now that Michael's father's body was found, police are able to conduct a full investigation of what could have happened to him whilst the case is being treated as homocide. Even though the story is unknown beyond Michael's findings, he feels total closure and justice for his father now that he has finally been found: "I felt vindication for my dad. I felt like he was dancing in heaven,” Michael powerfully explains. Michael plans to honour his father by intering him as he was meant to be, in the full fashion of a war veteran.

"The justice happened when we dug him up because we just interrupted the perfect crime - they almost got away with this," Michael conludes.

A Man Who Was Missing and Feared Dead Was Found Alive and Well 5 Years Later A Man Who Was Missing and Feared Dead Was Found Alive and Well 5 Years Later