He was clinically dead for 20 minutes, now he tells the story of what he saw

Just as doctors were about to declare him clinically dead, this teenager's heart suddenly started beating again. After waking up, he made a surprising statement...

He was clinically dead for 20 minutes, now he tells the story of what he saw
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Some events and phenomena are surreal, yet they do exist. The story of this young man is an example.

He was clinically dead for several minutes

Zack Clements was playing sports when the 17-year-old suddenly collapsed. Though emergency services arrived quickly, his condition was life-threatening.

He was rushed to the hospital and the doctors were about to declare him dead, as his heart had not beaten for almost 20 minutes. But miraculously, Zack Clements suddenly woke up. An incredible phenomenon that neither the hospital staff nor the family can explain. But perhaps the most astonishing thing was the story Zack told when he woke up.

He thinks he saw Jesus

After his heart had stopped beating for 20 minutes, the teenager said he suddenly saw a man. As he looked at the man, he realised that he had long hair and a beard. Zack was convinced that Jesus was standing in front of him.

When Zack approached him, the man put his hand on the teenager's shoulder and told him that everything would be all right, reports the Daily Mail. Suddenly, a few seconds later, Zack's heart started beating again, much to the surprise of the doctors and the patient's family. This was an absolutely stunning testimony that convinced his family that the teenager's awakening was a miracle, the real thing.