Future dad dies in an explosion amidst gender reveal preparations

On Sunday 21 Feb, a future father died during the explosion of an piece he made to reveal the sex of his baby to his family and loved ones...

Usually joyful, this gender reveal turned into a drama. This happened just a few hours before the announcement. While fashioning the device that was to reveal the baby's sex, Christopher Pekny, 28, lost his life when the device exploded. One of his brothers, a 27-year-old, was injured in the knee and taken to hospital.


According to information from the police at the scene of the tragedy in Liberty, New York, the pipe-shaped device is the cause of this fatal accident. However, the actual cause of this explosion that occurred around noon on Sunday February 21 is still not known. In any case, this is what the New York State Police spokesperson told the New York Times.

A tragedy that shocked those around him, especially his older brother, Peter, 34 years old. 'This is the scariest accident I have ever imagined.'


Americans and more and more European people are fond of gender reveal parties, as in an event designed specifically for this revelation, this big moment. An event which aims to introduce future parents, their families and loved ones to the sex of the unborn baby. Highly emotional moments, which are of course regularly shared on social media.

An investigation was opened by the New York State Police to determine the causes of this incident.

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