Doctors remove 156 kidney stones from man’s stomach

The 50-year-old patient went to the hospital in India with stomach aches and had to spend three hours in surgery to have the stones removed.

Doctors in India removed a record-breaking 156 kidney stones from a patient’s stomach. The man had gone to the hospital complaining of a stomach ache, but it was discovered he needed a surgery to remove numerous kidney stones.

Surprise find

Basavaraj Madiwalar, 50, went to the Preeti Urology and Kidney Hospital complaining of experiencing sudden and severe pains on the right side of his abdomen.

Doctors were shocked to discover over 150 kidney stones in his stomach. They spent three hours in surgery removing the stones from the man.

Doctor V Chandra Mohan, urologist and managing director of the hospital, said:

The screening that showed the presence of a large cluster of renal stones. It was a difficult task to work on, considering the ectopic case, but we had given our best to remove renal stones.

During the examination, doctors found that Mr Madiwalar had an ectopic kidney, which means the organ was appearing close to his abdomen rather than its normal position.


According to medics at the facility in Hubli in southern India, this is the record number of kidney stones ever to be removed from a single patient across the country. A nephrologist at the hospital added:

He did not experience any symptoms in the recent past, but I believe the patient would have had developed these renal stones for over two-three years.

The man has since recovered and returned to work at his school.

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