COVID: Doctor jabs 20,000 people with illegal homemade vaccine

This German doctor illegally vaccinated thousands with a concoction he cooked up in 30 minutes, and now he’s facing criminal charges.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, hundreds of scientists, researchers, and medical professionals have been racking their brains for a solution that could bring the virus to a standstill. Likewise, Winfried Stöcker, a billionaire doctor from Germany, had been working on a vaccine that he believed would provide maximum protection against COVID—Lubecavax.

Illegal operation

Unlike other existing vaccines, like those of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca, Lubecavax is an illegal vaccine that has not gotten approval from the appropriate health authorities yet. In fact, Stöcker took the decision not to request for approval, as he believed that the procedure ‘would take too long.’

He created the dose in April 2020 and subsequently inoculated 20,000 people with his homemade vaccine. He told German newspaper Bild:

So far, around 20,000 people have been vaccinated with the substance in Germany. 2,000 of them are under constant observation.
Side effects were not noted. 10 people had breakthroughs in their vaccinations.

What’s even more surprising is that he claims it took him 30 minutes to develop his dose, which is reportedly 97% effective.

Police raid

His illegal activities went public on Saturday, 27 November, when he staged a massive vaccination drive in Lübeck airport in northern Germany. He was aided by the managing director of the airport and two other retired doctors who helped to administer the vaccine. All the parties are now being investigated following a police raid on the event.

Before the police stopped the operation, 107 had successfully been jabbed with the homemade vaccine, but according to Stöcker there were 600 people waiting in line. Stöcker added:

Doctors have the right to put ingredients together if they believe it can help people. We have a responsibility to patients, not to the state. But the police stopped everything. There were 600 people waiting outside for it.

But not everyone agrees with his outlook. Epidemic expert, Karl Lauterbach, said there can be serious consequences in rolling out a vaccine that hasn’t gotten proper authorisation. He said:

When vaccine specialists around the world are working at full throttle on vaccines, you have to be very confident to believe that you, as an individual, can still make a difference.
And when the vaccination is carried out without regulatory approval, it’s highly problematic. It raises all sorts of legal and ethical questions.
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