British mum sexually abused children and bragged about peeing in their drinks

A court heard that the woman exchanged gross fantasies with paedophiles on the internet while bragging about urinating in their drinks.

A young mother has been sentenced to a six-year jail term for sexually abusing her children and urinating in their drinks.

A court heard that the woman in her 20s bragged about urinating in the children’s juice cups and making them drink it.

She was also found to have exchanged lewd fantasies with paedophiles on the internet.

These activities were uncovered when the woman was being investigated by the FBI last summer. The bureau passed on the file to the UK authorities.

‘Impossible to comprehend’

The mother of two who cannot be named for legal reasons, also exchanged messages with a paedophile in which she seemed to be arranging for her kids to be abused by the man. She however told him:

I don’t really want them in pain or anything.

The man is currently serving a 10+ year sentence following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

Reading out her sentence, Judge Nigel Daly said

I find this behaviour quite impossible to comprehend. As you will appreciate, anything that appears on the internet will in all probability remain there forever and you have subjected your own infant children to this very real possibility.


She was arrested by the police last summer and had her two phones seized. They contained 377 extremely sexual and indecent images and videos of children including films depicting the raping of babies.

One of the phones had an app designed to conceal images and video files.

The Oxfordshire woman admitted to sexual assault on a child under the age of 13, sexual activity with a child and possession of an extreme pornographic image.

She also pleaded guilty to the charge of making and distributing indecent images of children.

She no longer has custody of the two children. The defendant’s lawyer, James Reilly said his client was herself a victim of rape and abuse but was remorseful.

She wants to get as much help as she can and try to move on. She hopes when they are older her children will seek her out...That is the one thing that keeps her going.
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