A Mother Who Had Benefits Insurance Reform Gave Her Children Up For A Dog

A mother receiving Hartz IV welfare benefits in Germany decided she no longer wanted to look after her children because she thought caring for them was too stressful. Instead, she wanted to look after a dog, so she just gave her children up for one! Shocking.

A recent episode of the social documentary broadcasted by RTL II in Germany called ‘Armes Deutschland’ (Poor Germany) really had it all. A woman named Jacky benefitting from the Hartz IV welfare benefits insurance reform in Germany orchestrated her life according to her own needs, despite the fact that she was also a mother. This isn’t the first time that a mother shocked viewers on this program. There are episodes including a mother who was jealous of her own daughter, or another which featured a mother who smoked, despite being pregnant. And Jacky shocked viewers just as much with what she did and said in the episode…

Didn’t want her children anymore

Her children ended up being too much for her. At first, she used to give them to her friends when she went out partying, but that also ended up being too tiring and stressful for her, so she decided to send her children off to a foster family instead.

The despicable thing about it is that her two daughters were only one and two years old. This mother felt neither guilty nor grief about giving up her children. She even sold their toys to get more money and continued to collect child benefits until the scam was exposed just a few months ago.

She became aggressive if she didn’t have energy drinks

When asked what she spent this money on, she simply said that she had to find a way to finance her addiction. After all, she was addicted to energy drinks and drank them like water, sometimes six to eight cans a day. And if she didn’t have any at home, she would turn aggressive…

She preferred dogs to her children

In addition to the disregard and indifference she felt towards her children, she did, however, have a special place in her heart for her dog. Animals also appeared to be a passion for this couple benefitting from the Hartz reform. But surprisingly, looking after her dog wasn’t too strenuous or exhausting for Jacky, despite the fact the dog hadn’t been trained. Various dog lists claim that this breed shouldn’t actually be kept because it is too dangerous.

But Jacky didn’t care and didn’t even take the slightest safety precautions to keep herself or others safe. She let her dog run around without a leash or muzzle and by doing so, but the people around her in potential danger. But it wasn’t enough for her. This Hartz IV recipient also wanted to get a puppy because she wanted to take care of a small animal as well…

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