Squid - The Customisable News App!

Available on Android and iOS, Squid lets you choose the news you want, when you want, and how you want it. Dive into an ocean of fresh news with Squid!
Squid - The Customisable News App!
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News aggregators are a dime a dozen and most offer the same old features. To set itself apart from the rest, Squid has adopted a simple principle: adapt to your needs in order to offer you a flow of information that fits you perfectly.

When you launch the app for the first time, you'll list your interests by selecting from a wide range of themes and keywords ranging from Lifestyle to Tech & Web to Sports, Movies or Video Games. Articles from a large number of sources and corresponding to your themes are then found in your news feed updated continuously.

With Squid, you’ve always got your news, the way you want it: you can add or remove a theme at any time. And if a site bothers you and you do not want to see it anymore, you just have to block it.

The application also offers great customization in its share option. Draw, highlight, write text or add emojis directly to the article you want to send to his contacts. Squid gives you a fun way to express yourself and have your news like never before!

Find Ohmymag and Gentside on Squid to get our content on the go. No registration needed - the free Squid app is available on Android and iOS.