This Was Zidane's Response To The Remarks From Gareth Bale's Agent

Pushed out by Real and Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale sent his agent to denounce the actions of the French coach, who did not hesitate to respond…

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‘We are working on it. Zidane is a disgrace, he shows no respect for a player that has done so much for Real Madrid.’

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Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale's agent, has stepped up to the plate to denounce the behaviour of Zinedine Zidane to the AFP, who has been trying to separate from Bale since his return to Madrid. At issue at the time of this statement was Bale's failure to appear for a friendly match against Bayern, which Zidane had justified by referring to a departure procedure already well under way.

But in a press conference before the match against Arsenal, Zidane clarified his thoughts, and responded violently to attacks from his player's agent: ‘It's true that sometimes my Spanish causes mischief, but I want to be clear. First, I have not disrespected anyone, especially a player of ours. I always say the same thing. The players are most important and I will always be with my players. Second, I said the club were trying to sell the player, nothing more. And third, Bale didn't get ready for the game became he didn't want to as the club were trying to sort out his future. Now let's go back to the start. He is a Real Madrid player, nothing has changed. He will train normally, and tomorrow is tomorrow so we will see what happens. You know the situation and you know what is happening with the club. Gareth is a player in the Real Madrid team. That's the most important thing. I'm not at all uncomfortable working with Bale. I will count on him once more.’

Florentino Perez's promise to Zidane regarding Gareth Bale

According to former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon, Florentino Perez made a promise to Zidane to convince him to come back, as he told Sky Sports: ‘Zidane discounted him when he left the club at the beginning of last season - he wanted to keep Cristiano Ronaldo and sell Bale. [Florentino Perez] didn't follow that advice, so Zidane left the club. When he came back two months ago he was promised Bale won't be there in the future.’

Gareth Bale never wanted to leave

The problem was, Gareth Bale never had any intention of leaving the club for one simple reason: money. With a monstrous salary of over £15 million per season, the Welshman knows that he will never earn as much elsewhere in Europe, since the only clubs capable of paying such a salary do not seem interested in his profile (PSG, United, City).

A few months ago, he warned that he would rather play golf in Madrid and be excluded from the pro group than play for another club at a lower salary. His wish will probably be granted as he is in full negotiation with a Chinese club that should guarantee him the same salary as in Madrid. A sad end for an exceptional player, obviously more interested in his finances than in football.

Wales And Gareth Bale Trolled Zidane And Real Wales And Gareth Bale Trolled Zidane And Real