UK's Most Venomous Spider Is 'Eating People Alive'

One father hasn’t been able to work for two months since false widow spiders tore a massive hole in his leg.

You may have heard the saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite”, but we’re sure Lewis Pearce would much rather have bed bugs propel itchiness for a few days rather than get destroyed by false widow spiders during his sleep.

Lewis, 26, hasn’t been able to walk, work, or shower since the false widow spider bit him. It’s horrible to think about, but on the plus side, he received the worst bite of all!

His three-year-old son, Freddie was also bit, but his bites aren’t as ravenous as the monster bites spanning across Lewis’s upper leg. Imagine if his bites were as bad as his dad’s? It may have been fatal.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), the family also has a seven-month-old daughter and a five-year-old daughter. Nadine, Lewis’s wife, says, "It petrifies me. If my children are bitten like he has been, they won’t stand a chance.”

Nadine stays at home with their kids, so the fact that the bug bites have severely hurt Lewis has undoubtedly hurt their finances. Nadine brings up a good point:

“When people are being bitten alive, how are we meant to pay rent?”

Lewis even asked the council if they could get rid of the spiders, and they rudely responded by saying that it isn’t their duty to remove spiders. We hope Lewis and his family can find someone who can help them deal with these spiders!

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