He Found A Venomous Spider In His House... But His Reaction Was Shocking

When Brennan Hatton found a giant poisonous spider in his closet, instead of killing it, as ordinary mortals do, he decided to play with it and make a video of it.

Arachnophobes, run away quickly or you may regret it! In this video, we introduce Brennan Hatton, a particularly brave Australian. In this video we see him having fun with a huge venomous spider that was hiding in his wardrobe.

Child's play

Called Sparassidae, this one is at least not fatal to man. Brennan Hatton lets the spider crawl over his arm, hands and even his face. Their little game almost looks like a game of pinball as the “little beast” barely touches Brennan’s and she crawls away in the opposite direction. He's clearly made of stronger stuff than us. At the same time, Australia is a country known for being home to many scary and venomous animals!

If you want to do the same...

This adventurer accompanied this incredible video with small guide in three steps on how to pick up a Sparassidae spider with your are hands, for those who would like to try it. We doubt there will be many, We wouldn’t have tried it ourselves.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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