When is the Lyrids shower and how can you watch it?

A major shooting star shower will take place over the next few days. We can tell you where and when to watch it.

Throughout the year, it is possible to observe meteor showers by focusing on a specific place at a specific time. This month, the Lyrids will offer us a very nice show. Here are the dates when this swarm will be visible.

A swarm in contact with the atmosphere

Strangely enough, a meteor shower is not about water or stars! In reality, they are meteors that heat up when they come into contact with the Earth's atmosphere, giving them a bright appearance. We are talking about celestial objects moving at very high speed: the Perseid meteors hit our atmosphere at a speed of 60 km/h according to Espace pour la vie.

To observe these showers, you have to look up at the radiant from which they emanate, in other words, the point in the sky from which they come. As their name suggests, the Lyrids come from the constellation Lyra, which is itself in the northeast after sunset.

When will the Lyrids shower take place?

In 2022, the Lyrids meteor shower will be observable from April 16 to 25. However, the event will peak around April 22, when there may be as many as 20 meteors per hour.

You don't need a telescope or special glasses to enjoy this event, as the shower can be seen with the naked eye. Nevertheless, amateur astronomers are advised to go to a place far from any artificial light to better appreciate and reach to see this meteor shower in all its splendour.

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