This Astronaut's Incredible Photographs Show What Our World Really Looks Like From Space

His photos amazed us for a long time. When France’s favourite astronaut, Thomas Pesquest, stayed at the International Space Station, he captured some truly awesome shots of our planet. A series of epic pictures which he kindly shared on social media.

Whilst spending six months aboard the ISS, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet posted numerous photos that captured the hearts of his online followers.

There were so many that some even suspected him of having spent more of his time taking pictures instead of working!

He was lucky enough to be able to both the stunning natural beauty of the Earth as well as some captivating man-made landscapes as well.

Now that his time on the ISS has come to an end, so have his epic photographs, but we always have the next occupants of the International Space station to look forward to. I

n the meantime, we have compiled a gallery of 35 of the most beautiful images captured by Thomas Pesquet during his mission. What a beautiful way to complete the adventure!

By the editors

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