‘They Can’t Stop All Of Us’: 250,000 People Are Planning To Storm Area 51

Area 51 is an American military base used for developing experimental devices. Since their experiments and tests are often linked to space travel, the base quickly became associated with UFOs and other alien-related activity. That is why 250,000 Americans are planning to storm the base, in order to find out just what is going on in Area 51 once and for all.

If you’re wondering where this preposterous idea came from, you don’t need to look very far. The event was organised on Facebook by a page that is normally used for sharing memes. Therefore, it is definitely an ironic event, but more than 250,000 people have already said that they will meet outside Area 51 to penetrate it! Since the event was created, almost 1 million people have joined the movement.

However, we can imagine that the authorities on the base will be taking precautions because although 250,000 people can’t possibly turn up on the day, it is likely that several hundred of them could decide to take the joke too far and turn up in the south of Nevada to storm the base.

The idea behind this gathering is to finally find out what the American army is actually doing on this base. In fact, lots of people still believe that there are spacecrafts, even alien beings being held captive on the base to carry out experiments on them.

The organisers’ plan is to meet up at the borders of the military base before all the participants begin to charge Area 51, just like Naruto. As the name of the event states, the strategy is simple: there definitely won’t be as many armed forces on the base as participants and so they won’t be able to stop everyone.

We have seen plans like this actually go ahead before but we’re still following the gathering (if it takes place) which is planned for the 20th September 2019!

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